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Highspire Whiskey

The Return of a Famous Old Whiskey

Once vanished and now found. Highspire Pure Rye Whiskey was established in 1823 and considered one of America’s best known 100% rye whiskies. Lost during prohibition, Highspire Whiskey is now back and is still made with a 100% rye grain. We have taken original methodologies, added some contemporary craft and created a whiskey that once again stands apart from all others.

We are proud to have control through every step of the process, from the farm to our cooks, distillations and right to the bottling line. Detail and consistency is what will distinguish Highspire Whiskey from the others. With its original taste profile, to its unmatched craftsmanship, Highspire Whiskey has set out to once again become a “Famous Old Whiskey”. We are the farm to bottle whiskey. 


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