Where it All Began

It was the decision not to reinvent rye whiskey, but to return to the origins of it, that led us to the doorstep of Robert Wilson. A visionary Irish immigrant with boundless ambition, Wilson founded Wilson Distilling Company and Highspire Pure Rye Whiskey in 1823 on his good name and a promise: to bring a uniquely American flavor to the spirit of his native land.

Wilson crafted a 100 percent rye whiskey recipe that combined the finest rye of his day with the pristine waters of artesian wells on the grounds of the original distillery in Highspire, Pennsylvania. The inimitable flavor and quality made Highspire the most popular whiskey of its day. If you were drinking whiskey in pre-prohibition days, you were likely drinking Highspire. Famous for its purity, Highspire was even prescribed by physicians to cure what ailed you. Unfortunately, after the repeal of prohibition, Highspire was never found on the market again... until now.

Between Prohibition and Now

Prohibition may be over, but the aftertaste still lingers in the mouths of whiskey drinkers. By forcing alcohol production underground, Prohibition centralized whiskey distilling in Kentucky and took away the distinct, regional flavors created largely by the water sourced for each brand. While we cannot bring the celebrated water from Pennsylvania, our mission is to bring back the essence of this famed pre-prohibition American whiskey by reintroducing the country to Highspire.

Highspire Present Day

Today, longtime winemaker Austin Hope has taken his expertise and passion for rye whiskey to create a new class of whiskey. Highspire is bringing back the classic taste and experience of pre-Prohibition American rye whiskey for the modern connoisseur. We have set out to craft a whiskey made with 100 percent rye mash with clean, pure and cool water. Our rye is grown on the historic Waldeck Farm that is located less than one mile from our distillery. It is a great honor to be able to bring back the Highspire Whiskey experience and we think Mister Wilson would be proud too.



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